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Welcome to our site where you will find all of the latest exercise equipment and fun products. We also have a lot of videos showing how to use the equipment, build your own, and plenty of fun stuff as well…

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We use the Amazon affiliate program to showcase a large variety of exercise equipment and fun products including: recumbent bikes, ab machines, exercise steppers, elliptical exercise machines, exercise bikes, yoga balls, exercise trampolines, vibration exercise machines, home gyms, treadmills, sauna’s, mountain bikes, pocket bikes, drift trikes, bike mount rakes and more.


Here you will find a large variety of helpful videos and if you prefer to read we have used special technology to transcribe the videos for you.

Drift Trikes

Here you will find various drift trike videos including: Braille Drop Drift Trikes, How To Build Your Own Drift Trike, Drift Trike Downhill, Fresh Drift Trike Tricks, High Speed Downhill Trike Racing, Fast Motorized Drift Trike and How it Was Built, and the ULTIMATE Electric Drift Trike.

Pocket Bikes

This page has various videos about pocket bikes including: The Worlds Smallest Motorcycle Race, Little boy doing a burnout on a mini bike, Pocket Bike 50cc – First Start Instructions , 150cc Pocket Bike, Boost Bottle Installed on Pocket Bike, How To BUILD a POCKET RACE BIKE, Pocket Bike Unboxing and Hands on Review, Insane Wheelies at High Speed Through the Town on Pocket Bikes, and more.

Mountain Bikes

Here you will fing mountain biking videos and articles including: What’s a good beginner bike? – Budget mountain bike, BIG miles in the birthplace of mountain biking, Craziest trails I’ve ever ridden – Mountain Biking, 10 MTB Tips For Beginners, Setup And Riding, The ULTIMATE Guide To Cornering, How To Climb Anything On Your Mountain Bike, Bеgіnnеr Mоuntаіn Bike Skіllѕ, Hоw Tо Lube Yоur Mountain Bike, Sіzіng Mоuntаіn bikes, Types Of Mountain Biking, and Types Of Mountain Biking.


Recumbent Bikes

Here you will be able to  find various recumbent bike exercise tips:  Beginner’s Guide: Recumbent Bike, Recumbent bike training, Recumbent bike interval sprint technique, Recumbent Bikes: 5 Fast Facts, Insane 20 minute Recumbent Bike Workout, How to Ride a Stationary Bike to Burn Belly Fat, Recumbent Bike Intervals + Arm Training, Exеrсіѕе Bіkеѕ, and Rеаѕоnѕ To Exercise.

Ab Machines

Here you will be able to watch videos with lots of video tips: How to use an Ab Machine, How to Do Ab Rockers, Ab Machines: 5 Fast Facts, 20 Minute Fit Fix Circuit, Ab Machine Crunches DONE RIGHT, Abdominal Machines and Equipment for Better Ab Training, Ab Machine Tip of the Day, Ab Coaster How to Exercise, and Exеrсіѕіng Prореrlу.



Exercise Steppers

Here you will see lots of example stepper workouts including: Mini stepper exercise machine, Benefits of using a Stepper for exercise, Air Climber Burn and Firm Workout, Swing Mini-Stepper-Workout Training full body exercises, Nutrition, Exercise & Wellness : Mini Stepper Exercises, How To Use A Stepper Machine, and StairMaster/Stairmill Booty Blasting Cardio Routine Workout.